Weeding – no more back breaking work

Here at Kev's we understand that pulling weeds is hard work. Why not do it the easy way. Let Kev and the team remove your weeds in one go. Let weeds see their last days on earth.


Getting to the weeds before they become a problem is the easiest way to keep on top of the weed issue. There are many options available for weeding, depending on your circumstances, so feel free to discuss your preferences with Kev.


Driveways usually get weeds through paving or around the edges, so we can keep on top of that too. Just let Kev know what you like. If you need us to keep on top of any regular weed growth, we can quote on that as well!


Key Benefits of the Service

Weeding your lawns and garden beds is very beneficial for your overall gardens health. Along with the right fertiliser, weeding is another key element to preserving your lawns lushness and your garden beds beauty.

  Perfect lush lawns
  Improves air quality in the soil
 No burrs or prickles for kids feet
  Your property increases value
  Be the envy of everyone with a great garden

We have many years of local experience in the Southern districts with all phases of landscaping and our customer focused approach makes us the best lawn and landscaping company!
Get the right man for the job. Don't be fooled. If we can't do it we will help you find someone who can do it.
A great job. A good competitive price. A tidy job. Clean up at the end to ensure a perfect finish.
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