Lawnmowing – the easy way!

Kev provides the best professional job. Perfectly trimmed edges and a nice trim, just like you would expect. Each job gets the attention to detail you have come to expect from a professional gardener.


Every visit includes a trim around the edges, a lawn trim and mow and then the tidy up. Kev blows all the trimming away and tidies up any mess left over. The garden will look great.


Need a quick clean and tidy before the big party? Give us a call and slot in a good time. We will make sure to get your back yard into shape before the big event.


Kevs Gardening Service can mow your lawns on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly visit, depending on the amount of regular growth you have. Most people like the fortnightly visit to help keep on top of lawn growth and weed control. With the winds we have in the South, its usually time for a quick tidy every two weeks. Whatever your preference, we can fit you into our schedule.



Key Benefits of the Service

Everyone needs to look after their lawns. Unfortunately, life gets busy and we all cant do everything. Well heres a job you can palm off to Kev. Get the lawns done regularly. Your friends and family will be amazed at your lawns and garden.

  A beautiful garden setting and lawns
  Your property increases value
 Amazing green lawns
  Save leisure time for yourselves and your kids
  Be the envy of everyone with a great garden

We have many years of local experience in the Southern districts with all phases of landscaping and our customer focused approach makes us the best lawn and landscaping company!
Get the right man for the job. Don't be fooled. If we can't do it we will help you find someone who can do it.
A great job. A good competitive price. A tidy job. Clean up at the end to ensure a perfect finish.
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