We are Kev’s Gardening Service

Kev's Gardening Service is a full-service gardening business. With a straightforward  philosophy and no mess approach, we get the job done. We live in the Southern area and know the people well. It's good knowing we have a feel for the needs of the Southern area climate and seasons. It's like a cycle of life in the gardening business, where all life in the garden is seasonal. We need to prune, clip, feed and fertilise the garden to keep it all going nicely. It's our job to keep on top and that is what we do - with a smile!

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Started the Company
Almost six years ago we started as a one man and woman business. Its a great business and we are proud of the efforts and the progress we have made.

Positive results
During the next two years we grew , adding a couple of ride on mowers and extending the trailer to accommodate all the tools we need on the job.

Making it happen
After a couple more years on the go, we have added a few more mowers and several commercial jobs, we have a couple of casual staff to fill in jobs as required.

Kev’s team

Hi - I'm Kev

OWNER Hey there. I'm Kev. I look forward to helping you with your garden. Don't be shy, give me a call. I am happy to help.

Hi - I'm Shaun

GARDENER The fastest gardener in the South!

Hi - I'm Stacey

OFFICE MANAGEMENT I look after communications, invoicing, bookkeeping and anything else that needs doing.

Hi - I'm Andy

IT DEPARTMENT I don't do much really...

We are Kev’s Gardening Service

Thanks for looking us up online today. We do hope to hear from you soon.

At Kevs Gardening we:
  care about your property
 always get the job done
 never make a mess

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With so many years of experience in the business, our company is your local
source for the highest quality and gardening service.